Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas

Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas



Portfolio Strategic Management includes the processes to develop the portfolio strategic plan, the portfolio Charter, and the portfolio roadmap and to assess and manage the alignment of these three deliverables to the organizational strategy and objectives. In addition, portfolio strategic management involves managing, monitoring, and responding to ongoing changes in organizational strategy and in portfolio components to determine appropriate actions. Actions may include a modification to strategy and goals or changes to the portfolio itself.

The Portfolio Strategic Management processes are:

4.1 Develop Portfolio Strategic Plan. —Evaluating the high-level organization strategy/investment decisions and defining the strategy in portfolio-related strategic goals and objectives in the portfolio strategic plan.

4.2 Develop Portfolio Charter. —Creating the portfolio charter and identifying the portfolio structure and portfolio management team (if applicable) to align with the portfolio strategic plan.

4.3 Define Portfolio Roadmap. —Creating a high-level schedule showing the strategic plan for components to be implemented over time with any dependencies between them so that management may evaluate any conflicts or gaps between the roadmap and the organizational strategy and objectives.

4.4 Manage Strategic Change. —Evaluating and determining the responses to ongoing changes in organization strategy or portfolio components and updating the portfolio management plan and subsidiary plans to reflect the impacts and response for portfolio management processes.