Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas

Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas


5.4 Authorize Portfolio 

The purpose of this process is to activate selected portfolio components by allocating resources to develop component proposals or execute portfolio components; update relevant portfolio reports such as funding updates, resource assignments, and allocations; and document governance decisions. The changes in the portfolio and related decisions are communicated to interested parties, governing bodies, stakeholders, and portfolio, program, and project managers. Key activities within the process include: 

·        Authorizing portfolio component proposal development or portfolio component execution;

·         Allocating resources to authorized portfolio components;

·         Reallocating funding and resources from deactivated and terminated portfolio components to activated portfolio components or the resource pools; and

·         Communicating changes and decisions for the authorized portfolio components.



.1 Portfolio

.2 Portfolio management plan

.3 Portfolio reports


TOOLS & Techniques


.1 Portfolio authorization process

.2 Portfolio management information system




.1 Portfolio updates

.2 Portfolio management plan updates

.3 Portfolio reports

.4 Portfolio process assets updates