Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas

Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas


5.5 Provide Portfolio Oversight

The purpose of the Provide Portfolio Oversight process is to monitor the portfolio to ensure alignment with organizational strategy and objectives and make governance decisions in response to:

·         Portfolio performance;

·         Portfolio component proposals and changes;

·         Availability of resource (human, technology, and Other assets) capability and capacity;

·         Funding allocations and future investment requirements; and

·         Risks and issues.

Key activities within this process include:

·         Reviewing information on portfolio resources, risks, performance, and financial information;

·         Conducting recurring and nonrecurring governance meetings for reviews and decision making;

·         Ensuring compliance with organizational standards;

·         Reporting portfolio changes and information on resources, risks, performance, and financials; and

·         Communicating governance decisions.




.1 Portfolio

.2 Portfolio roadmap

.3 Portfolio management plan

.4 Portfolio reports

.5 Portfolio process assets


Tools & Techniques

.1 Portfolio review meetings

.2 Elicitation techniques




.1 Portfolio updates

.2 Portfolio management plan updates

.3 Portfolio reports

.4 Portfolio process assets updates