Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas

Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas


Portfolio Communication Management

The Portfolio Communication Management Knowledge Area includes the processes to develop the portfolio communication management plan and manage portfolio information. Portfolio communication management processes are closely aligned with strategic, governance, performance, and risk management processes.

Selecting a communication strategy is focused on satisfying the most important information needs of stakeholders so that effective portfolio decisions are made, and organizational objectives are met. Transparency may be a communication strategy to mitigate the risk of inadequate communication. Transparency with priorities and status may provide credibility for the portfolio manager, establish good relationships with stakeholders, and help reduce the chance of resources working on efforts not aligned with the organizational strategy and objectives.

7.1 Develop Portfolio Communication Management Plan—includes portfolio stakeholders' identification as well as planning effective solutions to satisfy the communication requirements.

7.2 Manage Portfolio Information—Executes the communication plan by collecting data, translating data into meaningful information, and supplying it to the identified stakeholders in a timely and effective manner.