Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas

Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas


7.2 Manage Portfolio Information

The process to manage portfolio information includes collecting, analyzing, storing, and delivering portfolio information to stakeholders in accordance with their requirements in a timely manner. In managing portfolio information, communication is delivered to the intended audiences through various communication mechanisms. Many communications are also stored for a period of time in portfolio repositories for future access.

When using web portal dashboards to communicate status, processes need to be created and managed to ensure updates are accurate and timely. If the portfolio management capability is not sufficiently mature in the organization, spreadsheets may be used to ensure accuracy for PMIS rather than an automated tool.



.1 Portfolio

.2 Portfolio management plan

.3 Portfolio reports

.4 Portfolio component reports

5 Portfolio process assets


Tools & Techniques


.1 Elicitation techniques

.2 Portfolio management information system

.3 Communication requirements analysis

.4 Communication methods




.1 Portfolio management plan updates

.2 Portfolio reports

.3 Portfolio process assets updates