Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas

Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas


4.2 Develop Portfolio Charter

During the Develop Portfolio Charter process, the portfolio charter is created, and the portfolio structure is defined. The portfolio charter is produced through this process to authorize the portfolio manager to apply portfolio resources to portfolio components and to execute the portfolio management processes. The structure is developed based on strategies and priorities, and portfolio components are grouped to facilitate effective management. The structure identifies the portfolio, subportfolios, programs, and projects based on organization areas included, hierarchies, timelines, and goals for each program, project, and operation to align with the portfolio strategic plan.

Once the structure is defined, updates Will be needed to the strategic management plan and portfolio process assets to ensure goals and standards alignment.


.1 Portfolio strategic plan

.2 Portfolio process assets

.3 Enterprise environmental factors

Tools & Techniques

.1 Scenario analysis

.2 Capability and capacity analysis


.1 Portfolio strategic plan updates

.2 Portfolio charter

.3 Portfolio process assets updates