Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas

Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas


4.4 Manage Strategic Change

The Manage Strategic Change process enables the portfolio manager to manage changes in organizational strategy and to enhance the ability to accept and act on significant strategic change that impacts portfolio planning and management.

As strategy shifts, the "as-is" state must be compared with the "to-be" state (which may be evolutionary or incremental in nature), and a gap may result in a realignment of resources or adjustments in the portfolio component mix to support the strategic change.

Change in portfolios is a normal occurrence, and, depending on the significance of the changes, portfolio documents may need to be reworked to ensure continued alignment with the strategy. This repeated adaptation is in contrast to the progressive elaboration required in project management.

This process is an aligning process to identify the gap between as-is and to-be states and to analyze the impact and response to strategic changes and changes in resources (people, processes, and assets/technology). The vehicles used to plan and execute the strategic change are the portfolio strategic plan and portfolio management plan.


.1 Portfolio strategic plan

.2 Portfolio charter

.3 Portfolio

.4 Portfolio roadmap

.5 Portfolio management plan

.6 Portfolio process assets

Tools & Techniques

.1 Stakeholder analysis

.2 Gap analysis

.3 Readiness assessment


.1 Portfolio strategic plan updates

.2 Portfolio charter updates

.3 Portfolio updates

.4 Portfolio roadmap updates

.5 Portfolio management plan updates

.6 Portfolio process assets updates