Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas

Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas


Portfolio Governance Management

The Portfolio Governance Management Knowledge Area processes include portfolio oversight and how to plan for, define, optimize, and authorize the portfolio in support of overall governance body decision-making activities.

Portfolio governance management ensures that investment analysis is done to identity opportunities and threats; to assess changes, dependencies, and impact; to select, prioritize, and schedule activities to fund; and to achieve performance targets.

The Portfolio Governance Management processes are:

5.1 Develop Portfolio Management Plan—Defining portfolio components, developing the portfolio management organization structure, and creating the portfolio management plan.

5.2 Define Portfolio—Creating qualified portfolio components and organizing them for ongoing evaluation, selection, and prioritization.

5.3 Optimize Portfolio—Reviewing, analyzing, and changing portfolio components to create the optimal balance to achieve the organizational strategy and objectives.

5.4 Authorize Portfolio—Allocating resources to develop component proposals, authorizing components to expend resources and to communicate portfolio decisions.

5.5 Provide Portfolio Oversight—Monitoring the portfolio to ensure alignment with the organizational strategy and objectives; making governance decisions in response to portfolio performance, portfolio component changes, and issues and risks to ensure the delivery of the portfolio is in line with the portfolio roadmap, current progress, and conditions (including resources).