Project Management Knowledge Areas PMBOK 6

Project Management Knowledge Areas

Áreas del Conocimiento del PMBOK 6

8.3 Control Quality


1. Project management plan

Quality management plan

2. Project documents

Lessons learned register

Quality metrics

Test and evaluation documents

3. Approved change requests

4. Deliverables

5. Work performance data

6. Enterprise environmental factors

7. Organizational process assets

Tools & Techniques

1. Data gathering


Check sheets

Statistical sampling

Questionnaires and surveys

2. Data analysis

Performance reviews

Root cause analysis

3. Inspection

4. Testing/product evaluations

5. Data representation

Cause-and-effect diagrams

Control charts


Scatter diagrams

6. Meetings


1. Quality control measurements

2. Verified deliverables

3. Work performance information

4. Change requests

5. Project management plan updates

Quality management plan

6. Project documents updates

Issue log

Lessons learned register

Risk register

Test and evaluation documents